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    11 Nov 2016 – 22 Nov 2016

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    Seminyak Beach – Ja Ay

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Are you looking for some outdoor activities in Mombasa? Here are some exciting lists of outdoor activities that you should not miss out when you are in Mombasa. This list includes popular activities in Mombasa for visitors of all age group. Find out the list of things that suits you best. This is a comprehensive list of outdoor activities in Mombasa that also includes the best experiences, adventure activities and useful tips that you need to know for Mombasa.

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A beach break with fun lefts and right is found by Malindi Bay just north of Mombasa. Good for beginners in small swell and experienced surfers will get barreled in the bigger swells. Don’t get to close to the river though as there might be crocs and hippos.

A Walk In The Park

With our magnificent coastal weather, we spend a lot of our leisure time in the open outdoors. Rugged Outdoors therefore invites you to experience the best of Mombasa City’s fitness trails where you get a chance to enjoy a bicycle ride with your friends and family in our Palm Garden while enjoying a lush, cool, serene, quiet, tamed jungle with many species of palms from all over the world overlooks one of the many spectacular ponds and lakes in the Park that have developed into natural wetlands.

Banana Boat Rides

This is the most fun you can get on a non-motorized water activity. Suitable for all in the family.
If you want to experience all the thrills, speed, and wet excitement on one ride, then our Banana boat is for you !

Hold on tight as our experienced pilots take you skimming over the water at incredible speeds trying to make you fall into the water (participants are to avoid falling into the water – though if they do no problem, you’ll be having your lifesaver jacket on!). Bounce over the chop and wave to your friends on shore as you glide by on the colorful Banana!

Sky Diving In Diani

If you are into adventure, then skydiving is the thing for you. Skydiving is now a popular attraction with people coming from all over the country to try out the adventurous sport. Skydive Diani is the only permanent skydiving club in Kenya offering tandem skydives and they are based in Diani Beach. They also partner with Flamboyant to give really good deals to guests staying there

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