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    11 Nov 2016 – 22 Nov 2016

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We are a company of impassioned climbers and hikers. Our boots have logged countless miles and our climbing shoes are worn with holes: proof of our determination, enthusiasm and love for the outdoors. With these experiences, our members have cultivated a spirit that leads them to forge new frontiers, embrace new challenges, develop our skills, and open new routes. Our adventurous spirit comes with a sense of responsibility and independence, borne out of the wisdom and experience that has been built over countless expeditions.


Rock Climbing Adventures

Through our experience in mountaineering, we have explored the Mount Kenya area and have incredible routes that will make your experience in the mountain forest awesome. The crew is part and parcel of the tour so security is guaranteed and much more fun in this outdoor excursion.


These are our most challenging expeditions. Most are participatory expeditions & involve load carrying, setting up of camps, cooking and campcraft. Some of these expeditions also involve “technical” climbing and are for experienced alpine climbers / mountaineers only. Technical expeditions involve steep climbing at high altitude. Rugged Outdoors ensures that all equipment and tools are available at all times. We also have a team of first-aides incase of any injury. Security is guaranteed at all times.


They involve either extreme trekking and or basic mountaineering. Expect remote and poorly defined trails in variable weather conditions for up to 12 hours a day (possibly more subject to weather conditions and altitude). This may include a number of demanding high pass crossings and evacuation may be difficult from remote areas. But this being one of our main outdoor activities,we are experts in unfolding routes so the trekking would be one enjoyable experience.


Throughout the expeditions, visitors get to learn about Kenya’s rich heritage and its cultures. The people and how they came into being and the origin through different languages. They get to see the Kenya that is not shown in the media.

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